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From time to time, slaves write to Me after a session. I have included just a few of their testimonials below. It’s amusing to discover the thoughts of My cherished boot-lickers.



This was my first experience in the BDSM world, and Mistress was incredible. She is sensational on the eye, but commands the room and with a tremendous level of professionalism and skill she put me at ease. She took me on a journey of exploration and discovery in a safe, firm, controlled, intense, erotic way. Hard to explain but if you’re curious, she is amazing. Thank You.j, Perth, February 2021

Mistress Diva
Mistress Diva Australia


My visit with Mistress Diva was a phenomenal and deeply emotional experience. Upon arrival Mistress looked amazing. Her choice of outfit for the extended session was perfect.  A commanding presence and stunning appearance. Whatever she did she did with a sense of adventure and enjoyment, and at no point was I made to feel that her attention was a chore or a job. She seemed to revel in everything she did, and her laughter at my predicaments felt genuine. Over a three hour session this never diminished. She seemed to get immense pleasure from strap-on play and from taking complete control this way. She pushed my limits, while ensuring that I remembered what my safe word. I hope to be able to spend more time with Mistress Diva again soon. anon- Jan 2021


Wow. Arriving at mistress diva's private apartment, i was immediately put at ease and blown away by the equipment that were at hand She was extremely attractive and her outfit was just perfect. Start to finish was just an awesome experience that I highly recommend.
Ten out of ten 'Anonymous', Febuary 2019


Mistress diva is tall and beutiful, with long luscious blonde hair, looks fabulous in 6 inch, tigh high stiletto boots, latex panties and long latex gloves. Wicked devious smile. Highlight for me were worshipping Mistress Diva's beutiful long legs wrapped in those 6 inch thigh high boots, Mistress's fabulous big steel cage, and being whipped with an exquisite cat of nine tails. Being trenched in Mistress diva's golden showers was a delight i will not forget in a long time! I can't wait to bring myself back again and again for more debauchery and delight! Anonymous - July 2019

Mistress Diva from Australia


Today was the best day of my submissive life! When YOU opened the door my dream of a lifetime became fact, a beautiful Goddess who was a magnificent Mistress.. Within minutes YOU had me dressed in frilly lingerie and i was YOURS,  YOU then put me in wrist and ankle cuffs, before the collaring , which made me your property. The mask took me to a new level and slightly out of my comfort zone, wondering what was going to happen next. Then you made me kiss your boots, which i was not happy about but under YOUR  control i loved and enjoyed especially worshiping YOUR six inch spiky heels.Anonymous’, October 2018

Mistress Diva


i was struck by your presence of both being a beautiful Lady as well as realizing i was at the feet of a true MISTRESS. Thank you for taking the time to find out what i was all about, you built all of that into our time together, mixing your soft sensual side with the harder side of BDSM, which i found intoxicating.

I would also respectfully add that the most erotic and rewarding aspect is being under YOUR control while away from you, and not knowing when i might hear from YOU by txt or EMAIL, which makes me check both regularly, to find out what task or job You  have for me, which i must obey no matter how difficult or humiliating. ‘anonymous’, June 2018

Mistress Diva latex clad with whip
Mistress Diva in the dungeon

On arrival Mistress welcomed me at the door with a hug and a beautiful smile. I was immediately hers as I melted at the sight of her. She is very beautiful in body and in spirit. She is fit and strong. To me though She was just beautiful in every way. What I got though was a sensuous session of laughter, challenge and fun. Mistress is an intelligent woman with many great stories and having her talk to me like a person somehow made my submission even more complete. I thoroughly enjoyed my time worshiping Mistress Diva and if you are new to BDSM as I was, and you want to take a taste I can recommend Mistress Diva as being a beautiful Dominatrix who will meet your needs and leave you feeling like you have found your Goddess.Steve, October 2018

Talented and perveted


I recently  had the privilege of sessioning with the beautiful, talented and perverted Mistress Diva. I knew right away that I made the correct choice. She had me text as I was arriving and opened the door.  I was allowed to enter and was immediately ordered to my knees.  She took out a collar and said, “Once this collar is on, I own you completely.  You will follow every one of my instructions without question and accept whatever punishments I choose to give you.  If you want to be my slave, beg me for my collar.”

Mistress Diva
Mistress Diva



I was not permitted to look at Her without permission.  She then gave me permission.  She directed me to look up, slowly, from Her feet.  She is gorgeous!!  She is very fit, with toned legs.  She was wearing a black and red corset that really complimented Her figure.  She then directed me to make eye contact.  Her face is the face of an angel: beautiful.  She then ordered me to look down again and told me that I had to earn the right to look at Her again. It was an awesome session and She is an amazing Dominant.  She knows how to listen to slaves/subs, and She can read a slaves body very easily.  It was super hot and very fun. I am already planning another visit to serve Her again! Anonymous’, March 2018

mistress & slave


Mistress Diva is beautiful, classy, dressed perfectly. She did not just meet my expectations, she surpassed them in all the ways I had thought about, she did in ways that I had not considered. I look forward to being in her presence again and doing all that I can to please her.‘Anonymous’, September 2017

It is humbling for me to even try to express in words that which are within me regarding our session. From the exquisite beauty and clear Dominant expression of the clothing You chose for the session. To Your extremely well defined and professional expectations regarding hygiene and safety for both You and me. It is my deepest hope that you will allow for me to seek a future session with You. –slave steve, California, August 2017

Goddess Diva, You were and are AMAZING! Thank You for a most perfectly enjoyable day!  I wish i was so rich i could spend even longer with you! Goddess is a term used much to often without justification. But You my AMAZING MISTRESS DIVA – YOU are a GODDESS, no doubt about it! ‘S’, May 2017


Recently I had the pleasure of experiencing a session with mistress diva. As a complete newbie to bdsm and domination I was very nervous but I had a few fantasies I wanted to try. The first thing that struck me about Mistress Diva was She is fit! She obviously works out a lot and she is an extremely attractive blonde woman. Mistress Diva is great at mental domination while still making me feel comfortable, yet pushing my boundaries. She genuinely enjoyed making me Her play thing and it was one of the best experiences I have had. I have already booked again and can’t wait for her to make me her little fuck toy again! Anonymous’, April 2017


Mistress Diva is a true professional and a true Goddess to be worshiped, adored and if you’re naughty; feared. From the start she commanded the room with her confidence and grace. She is truly beautiful. She guided me through a whole range of activities and fetishes, exploring and teaching me what it means to be a slave and to serve her as her slave. With her wealth of knowledge, a huge supply of toys and outfits, she has something to please everyone’s tastes. Thank you Mistress Diva, you helped me to experience some long term fantasies and fetishes. Will certainly be seeing you again soon. Toilet Boy, April 2017


My first session and won’t be the last with Mistress Diva that’s for certain!!! All in all she was and looked absolutely perfect for a first timer like me and everything was conducted in a professional manner. I wouldn’t have changed anything about the session and would highly recommend Her to anyone.‘Anonymous’, March 2017


Walking into the dungeon of Mistress Diva was like a surreal experience. My heart beat  faster upon seeing Her in the flesh for the first time. She was only a couple of feet from me and she looked better than any of her pictures. Long long blonde hair was the first thing I  noticed, it was so straight and fine. And her figure, so slender and sexy. Her outfit accented her figure perfectly, it got my pulse racing.


The dungeon was lit perfectly, it felt private and warm, whilst also a little dark and deviant. I recognised equipment that was agreed upon to be used. You only live once and there is only one of Her, don’t miss this chance and leave yourself wondering.‘Anonymous’, February 2017

I recently saw Mistress Diva for the first time. Right from the moment I arrived She had tailored a session that I had thought about for a long time. She took me to the edge with all the scenarios that were played out. It was the perfect first session and I will be back for more without a doubt.‘Addicted’, October 2016


I was captivated as soon as I read Mistress Diva’s opening paragraph on Her website – Welcome to My domain. My Session was wonderful!  Today I served a magnificent Mistress who understood who I was, what I wanted, and was comfortable enough in letting me be part of it. Nothing in the session was about me, it included me in the way Mistress thought would benefit me, but it was never about me.  It was always about the Mistress, and frankly that sets Mistress Diva apart in my experience. I have never met any other Mistress who genuinely does that, and that comes back to the message in her website.  “You are here for Me” I found that Mistress, a true Diva! slave justin January 2016


I was captivated by Her appearance and what She was offering. On the day I arrived at Her apartment, i knocked nervously on the door. The door opened and I was greeted warmly by Mistress Diva. She looked fantastic, dressed in a one piece leather catsuit with high heel black boots, Her long blond hair flowing down her back. Mistress then put on my collar and I was Her’s.


Her dungeon is well equipped and featured several accessories that i especially enjoy, including a sunny Black bondage table and a very nice bondage cross. You know its always a thrill when a session goes particularly well but this one was even more of an exception. She obviously loves what she does and it shows! i know i will. The hour went so quick, i was lead through scenarios i never dreamt i would experience i left with my senses buzzing, totally adoring my mistress and wanting more. Anonymous May 2015


I have to tell you, this Mistress has a truly remarkable energy and playfulness about Her that only comes with a sincere player and not just someone out to make money. She had such genuine enthusiasm, sexiness and skill that I was truly taken by her spell. The experience sent me walking out of there like I was floating on air!

Dominant FemDom Mistress Diva - Australian BDSM Fetish Dominatrix

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