Dominant FemDom Mistress Diva – Australian BDSM Fetish Dominatrix

your Dominant...your Mistress...your Goddess

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  1. Mistress Diva is Stunning!

    I consider myself very lucky to have been able to spend time with the Mistress. Our meeting started with her inviting me in to her domain. I wanted to just stare at her beauty for a bit, but she wasn’t having it. She quickly took control of me, making me strip and placing a collar on my neck.
    She made clear that I was there for her pleasure, not mine.
    She placed a string around my penis and scrotum tied tightly into a knot. She then proceeded to use rope to harness my body that came up from between legs to wrap around my body and then down my back to between my legs again.
    From this point, I had to kneel before her and then all fours to worship her beautiful fish net covered toes and feet. The whole time the string and rope caused just enough discomfort to let me know she still had wicked control over my body and manhood.
    The Mistress is beautiful with long blonde hair, smoking body and gorgeous feet, how lucky am I to be given the opportunity to serve her. I only hope she finds me worthy to serve her again.

  2. Goddess i am just 18 and i wanna get trampled by you barefeet , i have never been trampled before i wanna get trampled by you queen

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Dominant FemDom Mistress Diva - Australian BDSM Fetish Dominatrix

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